Penguin at Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Penguins love Five Guys burgers and fries

Despite my penguin pals love for fish, I’m a burger lovin’ bird myself. I really enjoy trying new places but I have my old favorites. Five Guys is one of those favs. They like to keep things simple and just offer burgers, fries and drinks. No milkshakes, but the sweet tea makes up for it.

Penguin at Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Peanut Allergies BEWARE: You walk into any Five Guys location and you’re greeted by a big stack of boxes full of peanuts. This is because they proudly cook with peanut oil and want to make sure you know it the moment you enter. They even offer a little scoop so you can help yourself to some fresh peanuts while you wait for your yummy burger.

Peanuts at Five Guys

There is also always a stack of bagged potatoes right in the dinning room… I guess their back room is overloaded with the burger makin’ stuffs. Besides the bags are a cool conversation piece added to the decor.

Five Guys store

The burgers are delicious. They are loaded with flavor. If you’re a cheese lover, these burgers can be covered in cheesy goodness; none of that fancy schmancy high end gourmet cheese stuff… no. Just good old American cheese melted on top and dripping down the side. The menu offers a great variety of toppings so you can have your burger made just like you want it.

As I write this, it’s only 9:45am, but I figure, if you add some bacon you can call it breakfast…. right?

Five Guys Burger

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